Mobility Stretches


Mobility Monday #38 – Low to high and high to low cable extension

• Set the cable in either high or low position
• Keeping your arm straight sweep across the body in the direction of the cable
• Use a light weight and perform 12-14 repetitions in both high and low positions



Mobility Monday #37 – High Cable face pull with external rotation

This is a great exercise to strengthen mid and lower traps as well as rotators for all round shoulder health.
• Have the cable in a high position
• Choose a low weigh to start
• Grab the ropes in an overhand manner
• Keeping elbows high pull cable towards your face
• The externally rotate hands while still keeping elbows up
• Release in the same manner you pulled in.
• 3-4 sets of 10-12 controlled reps



Mobility Monday #36 – Cable internal rotation

• Use a light weight 1.25-3.75kg to start
• Grab cable and stand side on to cable machine
• Make sure you are standing tall with shoulders set up back and down into position
• Keep elbow as close to ribs and pull in with minimal elbow movement
• Release in a controlled manner
• Repeat for 3 sets of 10 each side
Always standing tall and looking forward.



Mobility Monday #35 – Dumbbell External Rotation
Start these exercises with light weights and progress slowly. This is so that you activate the rotators correctly and do not use traps and delts.
• Sit as tall as you can on the ground or on a bench.
• Have the supporting knee up high almost inline with your shoulder.
• Place working elbow on the knee and have arm at 90 degrees and vertical. Stay very tall during the full action.
• Slowly bring the weight down to just below knee level and bring it up quickly to vertical. 4 count down 1 up.
• Do 3 sets of 10-12 each arm start with whichever arm you think is weaker and if you miss reps do the same amount with the stronger arm to keep balance.




Mobility Monday #34 – Back Bend

Great for those tight lower backs
• Lie face down on the floor
• Keeping your hips on the ground push your torso up as high as you feel comfortable while looking straight up
• You can hold this position for 20-30sec or even do gentle reps gently stretching further each repetition



Mobility Monday #33 – Assisted PNF Hamstring Stretch
This is a great way to increase your flexibility quickly in the hamstrings.
• Lay on your back with one leg straight on the ground
• Have the other leg straight with a band around your foot
• Hold a stretch for 8 seconds then place a small amount of pressure in the opposite direction (contract the hamstrings) for 8 seconds when u release pull the stretch further than the beginning.
• Repeat this 5 times each time pulling the stretch further once you release from adding pressure.



Mobility Monday #32 – Anterior Shoulder Stretch

• Place one hand behind your back
• With the other hand gently pull elbow forward
• Keep chest up, hold a neutral spine, looking straight ahead
• Hold for 20-30 seconds



Mobility Monday #31 – Pec Stretch 3 ways
The muscle fibers in the pec travel a few ways. So it is good to try and stretch them in multiple ways to loosen them. So that you hit pec minor and pec major.
Try and stretch them:
• Diagonally up
• Diagonally down
• Straight across



Mobility Monday #30 – Traction shoulder stretch with power band
This stretch allows more of the lubricating fluid enter the capsule of the shoulder. At the same time stretches lats, pecs, and shoulder.
• Loop the band around wrist
• Take a few steps back to get a little pulling tension on the shoulder.
• Keep body straight and arm straight and bow down into the stretch with a neutral spine
• Hold for 20-30s each side



Mobility Monday #29 – Upper Trap stretch
This one is for everyone with a stiff neck and tight shoulders
• place one arm behind your back with this side shoulder push to the floor
• with the other hand gently stretch you head toward the opposite shoulder
• Hold for 20 to 30s each side



Mobility Monday #28 – the “Touch” Stretch
• After using a lot of the tools i have given you it should free up your triceps lats and shoulders enough to touch fingers or even grab hold of your hands behind you head and back.
• If not go back to some of the earlier mobility mondays on which are on the website with all the workouts of the week and get stretching!
• If you still struggle with this grab a towel and start with a towel between both hands and with your fingers crawl your hands slowly together.



Mobility Monday #27 – the “Frog” Stretch

Its a great stretch for the adductors/groin
• Kneeling down on the ground face down
• Carefully push your knees out as wide as possible and gently push your hips toward the ground.
• Hold for 20-30s



Mobility Monday #26 – Adductor Stretch
This is a great way to loosen the “groin” and hamstrings
• Kneeling on one knee extend your leg beside you.
• Gently extend to straight and make sure you toe is pointed to the roof allowing the stretch to come all the way from your hips to your ankle.
• Hold for 20-30 seconds.



Mobility Monday #25 – The baseball thrower
This very dynamic exercise helps open the shoulder girdle right up for those with rounded shoulders or just very tight pecs and lats.
• Start off standing with a loose band in one hand overhead
• Gently step forward into a front step lunge and let the band stretch your arm back hold the stretch for a couple of seconds the step back to the starting position.
• Repeat this 10-15 reps each side.
Make sure you start with only a little tension on the band and as you warm up and stretch out walk a little further away from the band to get more resistance.



Mobility Monday #24 – Kneeling Quad and Hip Flexor stretch
This stretch is a great way to intensify your quad and hip flexor stretches.
• Gently place one knee on the ground close to a bench, wall or even bed or couch.
• Raise your foot onto the bench and have you other leg out in front at 90 degrees
• Gently push your hip forward getting a strong stretch into the quad and hip flexor.
The closer you have you knee under the ankle the more intense the stretch will be.



Mobility Monday #23 – Horizontal Flexion

This is a great way to increase range of motion in your spine rotators.
• Grab a empty pump bar and place on shoulders behind back
• Sit as tall as possible keeping your back as straight as possible
• Gently rotate from left to right
• Tip is to keep hips as still as possible and to keep the bar parallel to the ground.
• Do 10 gentle rotations with a slight pause at each side x3


Mobility Monday #22 – Tricep and Lat Stretch
This is great way to intensify a great stretch.
• Place your elbown on a wall, or in this case the squat rack
• Gently press your armpit towards the wall.
• Hold for 30 – 60 seconds



Mobility Monday #21 – Anterior Shoulder Stretch

• Place hands behind you back
• Find a ledge or bench that is about chet height
• Squat down and place both hands on the ledge behind your back
• Slowly stand up straight and feel the stretch in front of the shoulder
• Hold for 20-30 seconds


Mobility Monday #20 – Swissball Lat stretch

Love this dynamic stretch.
Make sure you work your way slowly getting deeper in the stretch with each repetition.
• Start kneeling with the swissball at hands reach
• In control with straight arms and a neutral spine roll the ball down your forearms pushing your chest to the ground
• Pause in the stretched position before returning to the upright position
• Perform 10-20 repetitions.



Mobility Monday #19 – Assisted Pec Stretch
If you find it hard to get a good pec stretch give this one a go!
• Grab a band with one hand behind your back with the band over the pec/shoulder joint
• Place your other hand high on the band and sink into the stretch gently.
• Hold for 30-60 seconds.



Mobility Monday #18 – Ankle mobility
Using a band to help open up the joint this simple movement helps with giving greater range through the ankle joint.
• Place the band low on the ankle.
• Simply drop your knee forwards and also in a downward direction.
• Pulse up and down and feel your ankle open up slowly.



Mobility Monday #17 – Hip flexor stretch
Tight hip flexors are very common in our modern society with lots of sitting for extended periods of time.
• Kneel on one knee with the other foot flat out in front
• Be sure to have you front knee at 90 degrees
• sit tall and push your hips forward till you feel a stretch in the hip flexors.
The band is there if you would like to intensify the stretch as well as the same sided arm reaching upwards also intensifies the stretch.



Mobility Monday #16 –  Split Squats
This exercise is great for both mobility of the hip flexors as well as strengthening glutes and quads.
• Using a step box place one foot completely flat on the top of the box with back leg straight behind.
• Lunge forward pushing your hips toward your front heel.
• Push back into starting position flat footed.
• Tip is to slow this action down so you feel a good stretch in the hip flexor



Mobility Monday #15 –  TRX Latissimus Stretch

Great way to open up your biggest back muscles.
• Grab TRX with both grips
• Turn side on to TRX with closest leg out in front
• Lean back and hang.
• Don’t fight the stretch let it release
• Do both sides and hold for 20-30 sec



Mobility Monday #14 – Piriformis Stretch

By far one of the most important stretches for the lower half of the body.
• Start on all fours
• Place one foot on top of the other knee and push with your knee towards your hands.
• Keep back in neutral
You should feel this deep in your hip. If you are predisposed to knee problems just ease your way into this one. If any sharp pain do not continue



Mobility Monday #13 – Wrist stretches
One of the most used joints in the body and the most neglected.

• Place the palm of your hand with your fingers pointing towards you on the floor and lean back as far as possible not allowing the palm come off the floor.
• Place the back of your hands on the floor with your fingers pointing towards you and lean back



Mobility Monday #12 – High Cable Face Pull

This exercise is fantastic for strengthening the mid to lower trapezius muscles as well as rhomboids. Meaning strengthening the muscles pulling your shoulders back instead of rolling forward.
• Set the cable machine on the highest point with the ropes attached
• Grab the ropes with extended arms and with high elbows pull the ropes toward your face splitting the ropes either side of your ears squeezing shoulder blades tightly together.
• Perform 3 sets of 10-12 with a controlled pace.
Couple this exercise with some great chest stretches and have a look at your posture after you finish.



Mobility Monday #11 – Neck Loosening Mobility

There are not many people out there who have no neck pain or even look over their shoulders with enough range. These basic movements can help with that.
• Look over your left shoulder as far as possible and hold then look over right and hold.
• Look straight up to the sky and hold then look down and hold
• Poke your chin out as far as possible and hold then tuck it in as far as possible and hold.

• Do all these movements 10 times each.
It will loosen the neck right up and can also really help with tension headaches.



Mobility Monday #10 – The Airport Controller

This can be a huge wake up call for your shoulder mobility. If your range in this movement is limited then your shoulder health needs more attention and this exercise is the one to help you out.
• Sit against a wall with your bum, shoulder blades and the back of your head against the wall.
• Place elbows out in line with your shoulders and your elbow bent at 90º
• Then rotate your arm upward getting your hand, wrist and forearm touching the wall

If you struggle to get close just keep performing the action and get further and further each repetition.
Do this for 3 sets of 1 minute.



Mobility Monday #9 –  Thoracic horizontal rotation
This is fantastic to loosen up the thoracic spine for better rotation. Much needed for every day movements and great for power in punching, tennis strokes, cricket batting and bowling and any other sport that requires torso rotation.
• Start with hands under shoulders and knees under hips
• Place one hand behind head with your elbow pointing straight down
• Gently swing elbow outward and try to point it up straight to the sky opening up the chest as much as possible.
Tip is to try and keep hips as still as possible, push hand into the ground and push elbow as high as possible.



Mobility Monday #8 – Foam Roll Lat stretch
This is fantastic for all who have limited range in shoulders and struggle with overhead exercises.
• Lay on the ground on your side with your armpit on the foam roll
• Roll over the foam roll side to side and feel your lat muscle get a great massage and release.
• Move the roll downward and roll another section of your lat
This may be a little more painful but this shows how tight you are through your biggest back muscles



Mobility Monday #7 – Thoracic flexion and extension
• Place the foam roll underneath the lowest point of the shoulder blades.
• Keeping hips on the ground place hands behind your head. Under control begin to lower your head towards the floor and back up.
• Tip is to keep elbows close together so you can get a greater range of motion.
• Perform this for 1-3 sets of 1 minute.



Mobility Monday #6 – Foam roll “Angels”
This is a great stretch for your chest but also opens up the shoulder girdle.
• Lay on the foam roller making sure your whole spine is supported on it. From your tail bone to your skull
• Pinch the roller with your shoulder blades with your arms stretched out to the side, palms up
• Making sure your wrists and elbows are in contact with the ground sweep up toward your head and down to your hips
• Perform this in a controlled manner for 3 sets of 10



Mobility Monday #5 – Supine Bridge (hip raises)

Great for strengthening posterior chain, lumbar extensors, glutes snd hamstrings.
• Start by laying flat, arms by side, knees bent and feet flat.
• Squeeze glutes throughout the movement going up as high as they will take you.
• Lower under control till you tap the ground and repeat the movement.
• Do 3 sets of 15 in a controlled manner concentrating on the contraction.




Mobility Monday #4 – Opposite arm and Leg Extension

This is great to get awareness of your body while stretching and strengthening glutes and lumbar spine. As well as targeting core.
• Start on all fours, knees under hips and hands under shoulders.
• Brace the stomach, squeese the glutes and press your heel straight back to straighten the leg. At the same time extend your hand out in front pushing in a forward direction.
• Always keep your torso level and try to minimize the rotation in your hips.
• The bar on my back is to show correct spinal alignment with the head shoulders and hips in a neutral position.
• Alternating do 10 each side in a slow and controlled manner.



Mobility Monday #3 – Happy Cat/Angry Cat

Yet another fantastic way to loosen the lumbar spine. If you start linking each weeks exercise and do them before and/or after workouts you will be moving more efficiently and perform better with your workouts.

• Have hands under shoulders
• For Happy cat lift head and chest and let stomach sink
• For Angry cat round the back and bring head snd hips together
• Avoid bending elbows and moving the body forward and back
• Perform 15 reps



Mobility Monday #2 – Bent Knee Twists

This week is one known by all but not used nearly as much as it should.
A lot of you have lower back pain and the next few weeks ill be focusing on this area.
• Start on back, knees bent with feet flat on floor.
• With the feet and knees together, allow the knee to fall GENTLY side to side.
• Perform 3×10 controlled repetitions each side.
To advance this exercise lift the feet off the ground till your knees are above your hips and rock side to side under control.



Mobility Monday #1 – Overhead Band Dislocations

Don’t be scared by the name this is an effective stretch to open up the shoulder girdle.
• Hold the band wide in front of hips with an overhand grip.
• Smoothly arc the band overhead while keeping arms straight stretching chest, shoulders and lats.
• Continue this path till band meets the back of the hips.
• Finally reverse the motion along the same path to starting position.
• Perform 10 controlled reps gradually moving hands closer together as needed to improve stretch.
If you have any questions feel free to ask any of the trainers for help.