“Today was my last session at Micky’s before moving over seas and I would just like to say a massive thank-you!
I joined Micky’s after working at another local gym for 5 years. I was mega impressed with the friendly staff, cleanliness, awesome classes and vibe. This is something money cannot buy. I have enjoyed every instructor, class and thing about Micky’s. I couldn’t recommend this gym more!
Thank you to Kate & Micky for your killer classes. Amber your boxing and friendly face. James motivating me to wake up on a Sunday and go sweat it out and Irene’s cycle is top notch. Also a shout out to Georgia and Bonnie on the desk for being legends!
So thank you, thank you, thank you and I’ll be back when I return!”
Bec Maree




“Good gym, plenty of space. Staff are awesome. Highly recommend”
Cam Leefley



“By far the best facility in the region. What a welcoming, positive culture this place has!”
Amy Wright







“Loving the classes and the friendly faces – great atmosphere to work out in!”
Raffi Jones




“Though I have worked in some well known, big name city gyms as a Massage Therapist for the last 20 years I had always felt intimidated training in them.”

At ‘Micky’s Fitness’ I felt instantly comfortable as soon as I walked in the door.

The gym is intimate and friendly. The staff know you by your name and actually take the time to know about your life. They are all supportive and encouraging in a very caring and relaxed way.

I was fortunate enough to experience first hand their very genuine sense of community at their latest charity event.

Having moved out of the city to Research and not knowing anyone locally, ‘Micky’s Fitness’ has played an enormous role in welcoming me to feel at home, something I am very grateful for.
Jennifer Drummond, Massage Therapist.





“Micky’s Fitness members look forward to their next training session.”
They train the house down and smile while they do it!
I’m hooked!




“A note of support and thanks.”

A gym membership is a real commitment to health and after 15 years at the one gym I was not at all interested in trying anything new.

Although I kept hearing the same thing from different people across my network “you’ve got to try Micky’s – it’s different, it’s a special place within the community”

That was important to me; I am loyal and love the idea of supporting our local community, whether in business, fundraising or socially.

Micky’s fitness is a supportive place, a happy place where people of all levels can enjoy their gym experience without any fear of judgement.

All levels are catered for at Micky’s and members soon realise that they are changing their lives in so many ways by joining the wave of positivity, energy and support offered by the trainers and fellow members.

I enjoy my training more than ever now and feel so lucky to have made some new friends for life.






“I’m a Group Fitness Instructor and I’m a member of Micky’s Fitness to improve my fitness and strength.
With a wide variety of classes, I can compliment my training in a number of different ways.

Whether you wish to train functionally to work on technique or form (weights, TRX, yoga), to the hard and fast paces of boxing, running, cycling, there are a number of opportunities available.

From the moment you step in the door, there is encouragement and motivation. Whether your goal is to lose weight, running a 5k or to do a chin up, there are members and staff there for you.

Do you need a partner in a boxing class? No, there is plenty of members that will partner up, introduce themselves and then encourage you to the end.

The body can never really get bored with the work as the workouts change, the trainers are constantly mixing it up and keeps the body guessing of what is to come.

The trainers lead by example and with a vast range of expertise, there is something to suit everybody at Micky’s Fitness.

Members are eager to welcome new people and trainers remember you. Whether you are just starting or looking for something a little more, it’s Micky’s Fitness.”






“I’d been a member of larger gyms over the years and quite frankly I was bored!”

So I was really excited when I found out that Micky and Kate were opening their gym and that they would be conducting lots of different types of exercise classes that really appealed to me.

One of the best things about their classes is the variety. You never know exactly what you are going to get in each session and it keeps things fresh and interesting. I love the dynamic and challenging nature of the classes, and there are usually a few laughs along the way as we all work hard together.

All the instructors are motivating and friendly and they all know your name and really care how you are going.

As a sports physiotherapist, I have often recommended the gym to my patients as I know they will receive high quality and safe training from Micky, Kate and the team.

Nicole Sansonetti,
ports Physiotherapist, Eltham Physiotherapy Centre.




“Micky’s Fitness – A place that is…”

  • Real
  • Inspiring
  • Supportive
  • Where friendships are made
  • Family
  • Community feeling
  • Life Changing
  • Fun
  • Where I want to be

Thank you!!!





“This December will mark two years at Micky’s Fitness. And February next year is my 46th birthday.”
When I joined Micky’s I had a solid base after years of sprint training. But what a step up I experienced!

Suddenly struggling to keep up not only in fitness but attitude as the gang at Micky’s were so positive and so welcoming and everyone goes hard to their max wherever that level is.
So what have I gained: a body and fitness I’m really happy with but a desire to want more!
I was a late starter having kids with my son born when I was 38. So when he is 21 I will be 59. What sort of 59 do I want to be?
Well thanks to Micky’s I’m never seen as 45 and compared to most 45 year olds I know outside of Micky’s I feel so much more energetic than them.
Micky’s has extended my life. And that’s a gift for my kids.
Thanks to all at Micky’s past and present for the journey that is a lifelong commitment to love, life, and living well.
If you want that – start training!





“Well my one year anniversary at Mickys has clicked over and what an amazing year it has been.”

I joined Mickys on 18th April 2012, I remember it so well. Pete drove me down because I was in a cam walker or boot as some call it as I had broken my ankle on 18th Feb.

I sat in the car crying as I was so nervous about going to a gym, it was almost 20 years since I had.      I had lost some weight from start of January about 10kg, but I was still 87kg and I felt fat and embarrassed.

Micky wrote me a weights program because I couldn’t do any cardio yet and this was the beginning of my fantastic journey.

As some may remember I made the speedball my friend, I hung at the back of Steph’s Boxfit classes while Pete did the class and I did some bag work and often a lame attempt at a Burpee.

Then things slowed again, I had reconstructive surgery on my foot in late May, so another 6 weeks before I was back with my boot on.

Then me and speedball reacquainted, Jocelyn wrote me up a new program (you have to change your workouts every 6-8 weeks) and I hung around classes again in the background, thanks Kate & Steph for encouraging me and all that time everyone in those classes cheered me along, spurred me on to keep going.  (This brings a tear to my eye, as such genuine support is not known often)

My boot was on for 5 months out of 12 months on my weight loss journey.

So with all the above happening, my weight and shape changed and I was much happier and healthier person.

To date I have lost a total of 36kg and 26 of those kilos I lost while training at Mickys. I have NEVER been this fit or this shape since I was probably about 21, so 25 years ago…

A total of 179cm all over has melted away from my body and I now work as a Personal Trainer at Mickys Fitness, my saviour.

I never will go back to the old me because now I know how good it feels and how awesome life is and now I LOVE to shop for clothes.

So if anyone thinks it’s too hard, or their too big or they don’t have time or they’re too tired….IT IS POSSIBLE and I know ….BECAUSE I LIVED IT and you can too.

Thanks Everyone, for your love, support and friendship and getting me across the line for a stronger, healthier and dare I say “sexier” life.

Kez xxx





I travel half an hour 4-5 times a week to Micky’s Fitness as I live in Mill Park & yes there are much closer gym’s but for me nothing compares to the people and the classes at Micky’s.”

Working out doesn’t have to just be gruelling as Micky also makes it fun and his one-on-one P.T. is very rewarding. One man’s dream of having a gym is being lived out and Micky’s dedication to you and your fitness is his focus. From the minute you enter the gym you’re welcomed as a valued member, not another number not to mention Micky is a fantastic bloke and will help you with any inquires you may have.

The classes fit right into my lifestyle being a shift worker I either attend the morning or afternoon/night classes. It’s often hard finding a gym that you’re comfortable with and get along with everyone else who also attends but I’ve found that place. Come down and see for yourself!”






“Never have I felt more at home as I have at Micky’s Fitness. ” I have always been intimidated by larger gyms as I am overweight and have always felt like the odd one out. But here I was welcomed warmly, the staff remember my name and I am always greeted with a friendly hello.

The classes are stimulating and challenging (boxfit/kettlebell being my favourite), taking my fitness to a level it has never been before. I am encouraged to do my best and with extras such as Boot Camp, Personal Training, Biggest Loser plus other challenges, my fitness journey has not been boring! In the 7months I have been going, my health stats have never looked better and my GP is over the moon with my progress. I look forward to continuing my weight loss/lifestyle journey at Micky’s for a long time to come!

Awesome gym, with an excellent crew and great philosophy! Welcoming and friendly, good range of classes and equipment. Could not be happier attending Micky’s Fitness to get my health on track!






“Seriously the best group of people and trainers I’ve ever had.”

I ran track for years and had serious training but this is totally a step up from that. Everyone is welcoming and the spirit in classes is amazing.






“More than a gym, it’s a happy, positive, welcoming social hub where everyone genuinely cares how you are and knows your name! It’s fab!”





“I joined Micky’s Fitness when it very first opened. I’d been to two other gyms before, a big one and another small one, but I was never able to stick at it because I wasn’t happy or motivated there.”

Instantly at Micky’s Fitness I felt comfortable and inspired to work out and train. I used to stick to just using the gym equipment, I suppose I was a bit scared and intimidated to try classes as I hadn’t really taken part in any before.

It was Kate who took the time to help and encourage me and went out her way to get me to try new things. She suggested I try the cycle and RPM classes as she thought  would like it, she was very right…and now i generally do 2 or 3 cycle or RPM’s a week. Kate also pair(ed) up with me for circuit classes, I would be on a treadmill or a cross trainer and she would come and ask me to do the circuit with her, sometimes she even got me on facebook chat late night and would ask me. It was this encouragment and her will to help me achieve,that inspired me and made me feel confident and comfortable that I could do these classes and participate in group fitness classes. I will forever be thankful for Kate helping me to come out my shell at the gym and get involved with everything it has to offer. I recently also took part in the 6 week Biggest Loser program the gym offers – this was the push I needed to get closer to my end weight goal, in the 6 weeks I lost 10.7kgs and became the lightest I can ever remember for years.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to lose weight. It was fantastic! With the mix of a fantastic variety of classes, great gym equipment and such encouraging and motivating trainers, in the time I have been at Micky’s Fitness I have lost around 36kgs. I have never been happier to work out and train at a gym and love spending time at such a positive place with great inspirational people whilst most importantly having a great time getting fit and healthy.






“Awesome ppl, great classes, lovin it @ Micky’s Fitness!”






“For someone my size, going to a gym feels intimidating but I have been made so very welcome by members and the staff.”  It is so friendly and down to earth so you just feel at ease. I am going to so many classes and really enjoying the feelings of achievement after I have finished them as I am burning more calories, working harder and trying new excercise routines. (Although during them I don’t feel quite so cheerful)! I hope that this inspires people who, like me, have lots of weight to lose to join too! Thank you.






“I discovered Micky’s Fitness at a time when I was neither fit nor motivated to become so.” Now, four months later, I am fitter, stronger and slimmer than ever before. More importantly, I have become part of a supportive team of people who are committed to being fit & healthy and who know how to make the process fun, regardless of individual fitness levels. Micky & Kate have turned their passion for fitness into a local institution that is here to stay. I commend their hard work, dedication and enthusiasm and wholeheartedly recommend Micky’s to anyone wanting to get fit, have fun and make friends.






“Love the  Boot camp!” Great results recommend it to anyone wanting to take their training to the next level! Would like to do the beep test Micky, haven’t done it since high school, that something that could be arranged?






“Love the crew at Micky’s…been there since the beginning and still happy to come 3-4 times per week. Good job Micky.”